Weng’s Testimonial

I don’t think I can fully express how much Jo’s help meant to me during my wedding preparations.  The bridal and entourage gowns are every bride’s worst fears –  I’ve heard so many horror stories of designers failing to live up to the contract and the bride’s expectations.  But Jo put all my fears to rest and exceeded all my expectations, and I was so happy with my gown, his staff’s professionalism, and the care and the attention to every detail that he put into his creations for me.

From the moment I saw his sketch of my gown, I knew that he was the designer for me.  He effortlessly captured on paper what I imagined my gown should look like, and improved on it to make it look more elegant, more flattering, and more attune to my personality and body.  He also helped me improve on my choice of color motifs, and made numerous small helpful suggestions on things like accessories and hairstyle.  My entire entourage loved his creations for them, and the cut and fit was perfect for each of them.

I really can’t say enough about Jo’s professionalism.  He followed our agreed schedule and delivered on all of his promises.  He and his staff were professionally dressed and punctual on my wedding day, and you could feel their love of their work and their clients up to the very last minute.  They were also very encouraging and helped me to relax despite the hectic atmosphere on my wedding day.

Jo, thank you for the care, time and effort that you and your staff put into my wedding gown and wedding day preparations.  You have helped so much in making my wedding day special and memorable.

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