Tammy’s Testimonial

The first hour after my husband Raymond proposed to me, Jo Rubio was among the people I instinctively thought of in sharing this life-changing event. His affectionate approval is indeed a source of celestial joy.

Perhaps unlike most of Jo’s brides, I have had the privilege of witnessing his early display of prowess in design as his classmate. All these years, he continues to exude adorable vanity, inborn refinement and visionary elegance. In spite of everything, he has such beautiful modesty.

When I came to know of his venture in the world of couture, I had no doubt in my heart that from his sketches will come into fruition the perfect embodiment of my wedding gown — one of timeless, abiding romance.

With fragrant reminiscence, I recall how Jo meticulously took care of every facet of my gown, that of my entourage and our mothers. He readily took note and thoughtfully considered each of my ladies’ personal style preference. Jo did this without a trace of discernment – always with impeccable felicity. Ultimately, he astonishingly unified their incarnation, as these important women in my life, were flowing down the aisle.

As a bride, I have never experienced borrowed grace from royalty, like I have with Jo and his steadfast team. Every detail was addressed, every accessory was on stand by. My favorite part of the preparation was when Jo handed my bouquet right before I entered the church. I knew right then, that when I walk in and all eyes are on me, they would see resplendence — one that simply emanates from a bride who was beautifully primed by an opalescent mind.

It is an absolute honor that he was my bridal designer. With appreciative fervor, boundless admiration and a prismatic blush, I have found in Jo Rubio, my designer for ever after.

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