Samantha and I were best friends way back in High School. She would always catch me doodling on the back of my notebooks during boring Math classes. The back of my notebooks became my secret world. My High School barkada (Sammy is one of them.) would read pocketbooks, while I brush through Vogue and other fashion magazines. Sammy I could say discovered my raw talent in Fashion Design. She would always encourage me to draw and would always admire my doodles as if it was a Monet painting. One of her favorites was my Eye Doodle series. These would be classic emulations of the dramatic eyes of Diana Ross to the smoldering eyes of Sophia Loren. She was the first one among my buddies to ask for my help, during our Prom Season. She would always ask my opinion on what would look best for her as if I were her personal stylist.

After High School we went on our separate ways, but kept in touch. Years have passed; we met again when one of our High School buddies got married.  No his or hellos this is the first thing that she said to me when she saw me.

“Bakit hindi mo sinasabi na nagdedesign ka na?”  In a sarcastic way, but she was all smiles. At that moment it had dawned to me, she was my very first client.

I didn’t like the idea of self – proclamations or self-hyping. I want my work to speak for itself. My friends learned of my designs thru other people. But Samantha always knew I would become a designer.

15 Years after our Prom.  She chose me to design the most important dress in her life, her Wedding Gown. Nothing could be more endearing than a story about two people with a lasting friendship.

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