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I have known Pia since our elementary days. As kids we always admire each others neat handwriting. Way back then, I already noticed that she is a very organized person. Her things are always properly stored and well kept. She was one of the nicest and tallest girls in our class.

We met again in 2004 during her cousin and my brother’s wedding.  She was the Maid of Honor and I had a chance of creating her gown. During our trip in San Francisco in 2007, Pia and I met again. She is now residing in the Bay Area. She introduced me to Ray her boyfriend that time. When I saw them together I already knew they would end up as husband and wife. As a couple they are very caring and loving. I prayed that I would see them getting married in the near future.

When they got engaged in 2009, Pia asked me to create her wedding gown. I was very delighted that she chose me to design her dream . She only had a few requests. She wanted a sweet heart neckline, a design that would enhance her hips and waist and something really elegant. I emailed her a few designs. She told me “ Bahala ka na Jo, Pagandahin mo ako sa kasal ko “. I felt lucky and happy for giving me her trust.

My inspiration for her wedding gown was the 1989 Classic Film Dangerous Liasons. I admire the French corsets worn by Glen Close, Uma Thurman and Michelle Pieffer. I love the bustle details and silhouette of the French costumes in that Film.

For Pia’s gown, I used Tea stained  Italian Silk Mikado. I camouflaged the French corset with biased handsewn pleats in graduating widths for optical illusion. Corsets never fail to give a woman that extra curve and shape. I was also inspired by the couple’s chosen church the beautiful and historical Mission Church of Carmel in Monterey California. To give the gown an old world feel, I incorporated vintage Guipure Lace that I bought several years ago. I love collecting antique and vintage laces and embroidery. They add drama and interesting character to a modern design. Since this wedding is special, I decided to use one of my favorites in my collection.

I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco for Pia’s wedding. I personally brought her gown to the U.S. I designed two veils for her so she could have options. We chose the embroidered veil that is very appropriate for the Spanish architecture of the church.

When Pia tried on her wedding gown, she was ecstatic.  It was a perfect fit, she liked the lace so much and she found the gown very comfortable to wear.  She even danced in joy during our first and only fitting.

Pia had asked me to design the gowns for her entourage, the gown for her Mom and the Barongs for his Father and brother as well. Their wedding was held in one of the perfect summer days of July, so she opted for orange as her motif.  I banked on elegant gowns with an ethereal feel. I love the tonal effect on the flower details.

pia01Pia also asked me to create the flowers for her wedding. For her bridal bouquet, we chose a pretty shade of Apricot Ecuadorian Roses combined with Peach Garden Roses, Vanilla Freesia and Lime Green Hypericum berries. I added crystals flowers to add whim and interest to a bunch of classic blooms.

Had good collaborations with Pia’s friend, the talented and kind hearted Nelson Baun in creating the flowers for the wedding.Trips to the flower market in down town San Francisco was a great joy( Can you imagine large selections of high quality flowers ?). Searching for beautiful blooms from all over the world became more enjoyable with the funny antics of Nelson.

Pia’s wedding was a great challenge for me since I have no staff to delegate all the tasks to be done. We were helped and assisted by good friends of the couple. It was a great experience doing all the details.  I felt I was the over all director of the whole wedding event.

A lot people gave me very good reviews. Some have wished that I should open a shop in San Francisco.

I was very happy to have been a part of this beautiful wedding. I felt true love for the couple and viewing their wedding photos always brings me so much good memories and great joy. As if I have left my heart in San Francisco…

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