Nolisa’s Testimonial

There are a myriad of people I have to thank but I would like to first express my heartfelt gratitude and give much deserved credit to my designer, JO RUBIO of Jo Rubio Designs.

For one, our pre-nuptial pictorial would not have been that exquisite had he not altruistically shared his valuable insights, thus guiding me and Warren on what clothes, shoes and accessories to bring during the shoot.

Jo Rubio conceptualized not only my dream wedding gown but also that of my hairstyle, make-up and jewelry.  Everything went great and everybody was very happy. Our Moms (Mommy Nolie and Mommy Virgie) were undoubtedly pleased because Jo made the perfect gowns for them. My sister Karla, my cousins and friends who were part of my entourage were all dazzling in their individually designed gowns.  Our lovely little girls transformed into even more charming angels in their flower-embellished gowns.  Not to be forgotten was the suit he made for my groom.  It was undeniably beyond criticism. Looking sleek and dapper, Warren was at his most attractive the moment I saw him anxiously waiting for me at the altar.

Unknown to many, Jo Rubio was the person (aside from my sister Karla) who unselfishly extended us much needed help during our wedding preparation up until our big day.  From Sofitel to UST, he relentlessly and meticulously attended to every detail, ensuring that everything was taken care of.  For Jo, a promise is a promise.  Just as he said the first time we met, Jo came to our hotel on our big day and dressed me up, ensuring that I would be at my most elegant.

I would have to say that 2012 is truly a milestone for me.  Apart from passing the bar and tying the knot with the person I love most, having Jo Rubio as my designer is another blessing I will forever be most grateful for.

Thank you Jo for sharing with us your two (2) most precious gifts:  your ingenuity and friendship.

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