Lizette’s Testimonial

I adored the wedding gown that Jo Rubio has created for me! It is everything that I imagined it to be & beyond. One look at it & I know that the process of making it aint easy…I could literally feel his love & passion for his craft-every bead, crystal & embellishment ever so carefully thought out and placed! He was nice and warmly assisted us with his equally efficient staff on our wedding day. I was very happy with the bouquets he made for me and my entourage. It was a very lovely bunch of Red Carnations and Velvet Roses.

He helped us dress up and edited our looks from our make up , nail polish and even our jewelries as well. He even powdered my nose before I came out from the bridal car since he noticed my nose was oily. That is how meticulous Jo Rubio is. I am very happy to have chosen Jo Rubio as my designer for my  wedding. He is very talented and has a heart of a true artist.

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