Len’s Testimonial

I can say that I have some complicated demands for my wedding. First, I wanted to have see-through back for my gown. I’m very careful in choosing my designer because I think not all couturiers can make an elegant effect on what I want. Second, we have silver gray as motif for a wedding… yes, we know it’s a dull color but we really wanted that, so I’m worried on how will it look nice on my entourage.

Thank God my cousin introduced Jo Rubio to me. From the first meeting that I had with him, I have decided that he is the perfect one to handle my entourage’s gowns, including mine. I was so amazed at his sketches, I told him my ideas and he made suggestions on how will it look more fitting on the person who will wear the gown. By the way, my entourage has different body types and I’m so satisfied with the results of the gowns Jo made for them.

And my gown, it was more than what I expected it to be. Jo made some changes on what I wanted and I love it! He also provided the flowers which I think looked perfect because the combination of the flowers and the gowns had a wonderful effect. He also suggested on what should be my hair-do. Originally my husband wanted my hair down, but when Jo showed him that hair up is better because the “drama” of my gown is at my back, my husband eventually agreed. Even the accessories that I wore, from my earrings to my hair piece, he had a touch on them.

And I am so thankful too because Jo Rubio is not only a designer to me on my wedding day, he is also a “savior”. My bridal car didn’t arrive and he generously offered his white van to bring me to my wedding.

From then on, I can’t think of anyone else to dress me, and now, also my daughter, on any occasion but him. Thanks for everything Jo!

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