Jade and I first met during her cousin’s wedding.  She was one of the bridesmaids and I was able to design a gown for her . She liked the gown and her Mom, Tita Merly. Her mom asked me to design some gowns for her and liked my work. Eventually,  Tita Merly became a regular client of mine.

When Jade decided to get married, she asked me to design her dream wedding gown. I was very excited to do her wedding gown. Jade has the height, slim figure and a pretty countenance. The first design that came into my mind was a Serpentina gown with layers and layers of  softest French Tulle in Vanilla.  I envisioned her in a beautiful romantic gown with a plunging back. I wanted her to look sexy but not vulgar and still echo sophistication and elegance. I incorporated Chantilly Lace which is embellished with imported beads and pearls to her gown.

Her gown was such a hit on her Wedding day. Immediately after she walked down the aisle. Guests eagerly approached me and complimented how beautiful Jade was on her gown. Mind you that most of the guests who approached me were men. They were fascinated with Jade’s dramatic back. I feel much more delighted when men would literally come up to me and compliment my creations.

And as I was putting on Jade’s birdcage veil at the reception, her groom thanked me and told me with such warmth and gratitude how lovely Jade was in my dreamy  French Tulle confection that I especially created for her bride.

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